Freddy's Return Village Escape

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About Freddy's Return Village Escape

In Freddy's Return Village Escape, the most important thing is to stay alive. You have to avoid Freddy's strikes and his goons as you move through the snowy streets.

How to play

In Freddy's Return Village Escape, you get stuck in a town that seems normal for no reason. You'll find cryptic clues and hidden puzzles as you look around the town. Each one will help you figure out why you are being held captive.

You'll have to be smart and brave to stay out of Freddy's reach as you make your way through the dark town streets. To get out of the village before Freddy Fazbear finds you, you'll have to think quickly and answer puzzles quickly. To open doors and move forward in the game, use the objects you find strewn around the town and figure out the hidden clues.

Make the fastest and smartest choice to save time and get away from Freddy and the other cartoon figures who are after you.

Have fun and good luck!


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