Purble Place

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About Purble Place

Purble Place is a collection of three puzzle games that can be played separately. 

How to play

You can play Purble Pairs, a pattern recognition game, which is like the match-two games from the Purble Place game. To clear a field of cards, you have to show two cards with the same picture on the same turn. The number of squares goes up, which makes Purble Place harder to play. There are also more pictures shown as you move forward. The game has a feature called "Sneak Peak" that lets you see all the cards that are still hidden.

Meanwhile, Comfy Cakes is a game that tests your hand-eye coordination. You will be in charge of a shop and have to put together a cake the way a customer asks. There are many forms, flavors, icings, and other decorations on the cakes. If the customer asks, you can make a simple one-tier cake or one with many layers. It can also be decorated in a fancy way, as long as it follows the plan. If you don't follow the correct order, you will be punished. If you send the wrong order three times in a row, the game is over.

Finally, the Purble Shop is a math test that looks like a code-breaking game. Along with a hat, a nose, eyes, and clothes, it will show five shapes. People who play the game can't see these things. You have to pick a color from a set and figure out what color the feature is in the fewest moves possible. In the beginning, there will be three parts that can be any of three colors. As you move up to the intermediate and advanced levels, the number of possible combos will also grow.

Have fun and good luck!

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