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About Suika Game

Suika Game is a cute fun game in which you must combine two small fruits to make them bigger and make big watermelons.

How to play

In Suika Game, also known as "Watermelon Game," the goal is to match fruits together until you get to the watermelon, which is the biggest fruit.

The rules for the Suika Game are easy to understand. To make bigger fruits, drop and merge them. If the fruits spill out of the container, the Suika Game is over, so it's important to stack them strategically. Players must focus on making combos and avoiding gameovers since there is no set time limit.


Each fruit has to be dropped and stacked into a box one at a time. The fruits move and roll when they are dropped or when they join with other fruits. This is how physics works.

As soon as two identical fruits touch, they merge into a bigger fruit. This starts a chain reaction of merging that continues.

The Watermelon takes up a lot of space in the container and gives the most points because it is the biggest fruit.



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