About is a huge online world full of tons of options. Pick a person and begin a new journey! 

How to play

Pick one of four different characters—Martha, Oliver, Mike, or Rose—and start an epic trip. After picking out a character, you can jump right into the game and play with people from all over the world!

Next, pick the game mode you like best. The goals of each game are different:

Peaceful: You have to protect yourself from other players while you try to get stronger. To stay alive and keep some control over your opponents, you have to fight in intense battles and have a great plan.

Survival: You can turn on and off PvP mode in this game. You can now focus on gathering resources, crafting, and building structures without having to worry about other people attacking you. Players who like to explore and fight will really enjoy this game.

Creative: With the different blocks and tools, you can build anything you can think of. Show off your artistic skills by making beautiful scenery. You can build and grow without limits!

Have fun and good luck!